800 M

Go To Bed

60 %

Facing Crisis of Hunger Were
Living in 10

1 in 5

Children Die
Due To Starvation

1 $

Can Buy A Meal For
Someone Hungry

Fund A Meal | A Project By Umano

How It Works

(One minute explainer video)
About the Organization

How Are We Different?

By using technology, we not only democratize philanthropy by providing access to all levels of donors, but we also use it to take out costs associated with running a typical non-profit with overheads typically 25%-35%.

Through meticulous due diligence and verifications, we sign a local partner with a vast infrastructure to add another charitable program to their portfolio without adding costs to FUND A MEAL program.

We notify the donor to whom, when, where, and how much got distributed from the donor’s funds.

Fight against world hunger with Fund A Meal app

With just a few taps on your phone you can donate a meal to someone in need. Help us fight hunger by downloading Fund A Meal app today.