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From The Founder

Fund A Meal is one of the many programs of Umano, a registered charity in the USA. Umano means human in Latin. To be truly human is to demonstrate humane behavior, i.e., compassionate, sympathetic, empathic, or generous behavior or disposition.

Umano’s primary focus is on ONE thing, i.e., promoting Empathy. I think the only common language among all sentient beings is EMPATHY. Almost all non-profits and charities focus on symptoms, i.e., poverty, hunger, homelessness, and access to health or clean drinking water etc. However, not on the root cause. I believe the root cause of global suffering is the lack of actionable Empathy in our world.

To help those in need, we must promote empathic behavior across our planet. Umano will try to capture and tell stories that inspire Empathy. It will provide tools so that kind-hearted humans can support those in need. Umano will also provide grants to social change makers around the world so they can bring positive change in their respective communities. It will motivate those with tremendous resources to leave behind a legacy of change.

It’s a journey we know we must take, how and when we will get there – no one knows but at least let’s start walking in the right direction.

Azhar Hameed


An empathic and compassionate world for all